The Fogcutters are a 19-piece big band from Portland, Maine, with a different perspective on the format of the classic big band: writing and playing original music unencumbered by a singular music style, and influenced by musical masters of the past and present. The result is a unique sound and eclectic style that is anything but traditional. This is not your grandfather's big band!

The Fogcutters deliver a brand new take on what a “big band” is and can be. With 13 horns, a burnin’ 5-piece rhythm section and the stellar vocals and presence of Megan Jo Wilson and Chas Lester, they balance subtlety and power by playing their own unique blend of funk, rock, afro-cuban,and hip hop and combining them with traditional sounds.  The groove is infectious and the impact is stunning.

The Fogcutters were voted 2014 Best Jazz Act in New England at The New England Music Awards and voted Best Jazz Act for 2012 & 2013 and the Best Live Act for 2013 Portland Phoenix Music Awards. 

The Fogcutters are available for public and private events. Write us a note on the Contact Us page.


Usage Guidelines

The Fogcutters strive to maintain a consistent, positive and professional image to the public. We also strive to maintain that consistency and professionalism through our marketing material as well as our on-stage performances. In the promotion of The Fogcutters, please use only the provided official graphics and promotional material. Thank you.


Common misconceptions:

  • The Fogcutters contain 19 members 
  • Instrumentation of the band is: 2 Vocalists(Megan Jo Wilson, Chas Lester), 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones, 5 Saxophones, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano (Singer Chas Lester also plays percussion and beat box)
  • When describing The Fogcutters, please refer to the band as a “Contemporary Big Band" or "Modern Big Band" rather than "swing" or "jazz band"
  • Please refer to the band as “The Fogcutters”, NOT “Fogcutters Big Band” or "Fog Cutters"